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Cleaning robot side brush cleaning tips
Apr 20, 2018

1. Sweep the robot's main power switch off, empty vacuum bin, and place the sweeping robot upside down (clean the surface) on a flat surface with the front bumper facing away from you.

2. Use scissors to cut the hair or other strands into the cleaning brush to avoid cutting the brush or pulling too hard on the object that the bristle is brushing, as this may damage the brush.

3. If you have trouble removing hair or other objects from the brush, loosen the wire guard covering the brush release bayonet and push it backwards. The rear hinge line pulls up against your position and then swings it up toward the front of the device.

4. Carefully remove the Phillips-head screwdriver on the right side of the self-adjusting cleaning deck.

5. Pull up on the plastic brush coupler, save the unit on the right side of the unit instead of the brush, brush out to couple with the brush, disconnect the bottom brush to pull the brush coupled, and then pull the right brush and to remove them from the unit.

6. Close the brush to clean any remaining hair and debris.

7. Make sure that the hair around the brush shaft (brush cover) can be caught.

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