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Classification of Intelligent floor sweeping Robot
Sep 11, 2018

Clean system classification

The first type: Single suction

The single suction cleaning method is useful for floatation ash on the ground, but it is not good for dust deposited under the table and electrostatic adsorption. (relatively simple design with only one suction port)

The second type: Middle brush clamp

It has good cleaning effect on large particulate matter and carpet, but it is less suitable for floor dust treatment, which is more suitable for the domestic environment of European carpet. On the Asian market Dali stone floor and wood floor dust cleaning is poor. (the main surface of the cleaning mode passes through a plastic brush, and a brush rotates to pick up the garbage)

The third type: Lifting V brush cleaning system

Taking Taiwan model as an example, it adopts the floating cleaning of lifting V brush, which can better connect the brush system to the ground environment, relatively speaking, the electrostatic adsorption dust cleaning on the opposite side is more in place. (the entire V brush system can automatically rise and fall and form a vacuum negative pressure in the triangle.)

Detection System Classification

1.Infrared sensing

Infrared transmission distance is long, but there is a very high requirement for the use of the environment, when it encounters light-colored or dark household items it can not reflect back, will cause a collision between the machine and household items for a long time, the bottom of the household items will be hit by it spots.

2.Ultrasonic bionic technology

Using bionic ultrasonic technology, similar to whales, bats use sound waves to detect and determine home objects and spatial orientation, high sensitivity, high technology costs. There are systematic applications in the aviation industry.

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