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Classification and advantages of automatic window cleaning Robot
Aug 29, 2018


Type I: Vacuum sucker adsorption

The double-layer vacuum sucker can remove the air from the bottom through the internal vacuum pump and form a certain vacuum environment so that the window cleaning robot can adsorb on the glass. The adsorption principle requires the medium to be flat and has no obvious protruding obstacles, and is only used on the glass surface. 

Type II: Fan adsorption.

The window cleaning robot adsorbed by the fan through the inside fan forms the air pressure difference inside and outside, and then adsorbs on the glass. This adsorption principle requires a slightly wider medium, as long as the surface of the medium is flat (except for glass surfaces, such as glass with stickers, grinding glass, marble walls, tiles, etc.).


1. Safety;

2. Clean;

3. No place;

4. Easy to use;

5. Beautiful.

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