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Characteristics of high temperature steam mop
Oct 23, 2018

1. High temperature sterilization 120 degrees high temperature steam sterilization disinfection;

2. Remove oil pollution can quickly dissolve stubborn oil pollution, clean easy;

3. The function of ironing dry cleaning can iron a substance to achieve the function of dry cleaning and dust removal and sterilization.

4. Environmental protection only need to use clear water, no pollution to the environment, no scrape to the product;

5. Efficient and fast water into steam in a few minutes, no need to use detergent or chemicals, to play a high efficiency and fast cleaning of all types of materials, disinfection effect;

6. No effort to remove scale friction, clean the surface will not cause any damage, completely eliminate grease, odor, smell, lime sediment, soap-floatation, mold, old marks, calcium trace and other kinds of dirt;

7. Healthy living high temperature steam can kill dust mites, E E. coli and salmonella, for you and your family to create a cleaner and healthier living environment;

8. Multi-functional cleaning products, household cleaning, sterilization, disinfection and so on can be completed at the same time, thoroughly remove the family hygiene problems and troubles, is the all-around family cleaning experts;

9. Simple operation, with a variety of nozzles and brush attached, can be flexible for various occasions;

10. Green environmental protection, no chemical agents, no pollution, can replace the traditional cleaning agent, is a kind of environmental protection cleaning products;

11. Has the high temperature sterilization, the disinfection function, can wash almost everything;

12. Soothing ironing, dry cleaning function, clothing can be vertical hot, dry cleaning dust removal, a multi-purpose machine;

13. Large, strong, long, large capacity, strong pressure, long steam;

14. It has the function of preventing dry burning and automatic power outage.

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