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Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of hand-held vacuum cleaners
Aug 15, 2018

Appearance beauty

Handheld vacuum cleaner design in the appearance is more fastidious, considering the user's living needs and home collocation, in the design also has a lot of delicate design, more beautiful and generous feeling. Users can choose a suitable vacuum cleaner match according to their needs.

Small volume

Hand-held vacuum cleaners are smaller in size, lighter in weight, easier to use and more convenient to carry. The design of vacuum cleaner also has a lot of new adjustments to meet the needs of living at home, convenient and easy, home life is more comfortable.

Less noise

From the design of the hand-held vacuum cleaner, now there are many new performance adjustments. In order to take into account the needs of the use of life and create a more comfortable home experience, its own noise design also has a very good adjustment, reduce the appearance of noise, support a more comfortable home feeling.

Vacuum good

In the hand-held vacuum cleaner design, its own function is quite good, especially concerned about the dust-cleaning effect. From the point of view of the design of the vacuum cleaner, it has been carefully improved and designed, which can give full play to the application effect of the vacuum cleaner, support the 90 degree rotary dust collection, can help the overall configuration and use, and can remove the dust in the corner.


If we want to say the shortcomings of hand-held vacuum cleaners, which are aimed at the use of relatively small areas, it is inevitable that there will be some deficiencies in power, so it is difficult to ensure a large area of cleaning effect. Users can take into account the design of different brands of vacuum cleaners to ensure that they can have a stable use of the experience for home.

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