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Advantages and disadvantages of High temperature Steam mop
Sep 12, 2018


Steam mops can easily clean up stains at dead corners, but if they are solid waste, steam mops cannot automatically absorb them, which is a bit inferior to vacuum cleaners; steam mops are used for a period of time. The fuselage, especially near the spray head, is apt to be too hot. If it is accidentally touched, it may be scalded, so it needs to be cooled after use. The steam temperature emitted by the steam mop is as high as 130 degrees, so be especially careful when using, so as to avoid spouting to children. Pets or plants; some steam mop pots are not marked, which can cause overflowing water.


The advantages of a steam mop are familiar to all. The steam from the steam mop nozzle can reach a maximum of 130 degrees, so that the high temperature steam melts the long-held oil, stubborn stains, and so on, falling off, especially in narrow, traditional places where the cloth is not clean, such as the edge of the sofa. Corner of cabinet, door frame, window frame, etc., steam mop can also be easily touched. In addition, traditional mops or rags leave marks after they wipe glass, but steam mops do not leave traces after cleaning the glass.

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