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Advantages and disadvantages of automatic floor sweeping Robot
Sep 21, 2018

Cleaning function

Advantages: for areas such as under the sofa and under the bed that are not easy to clean, it can easily clean up the hair, dust and other garbage.

Disadvantages: the early floor sweeping robot was a little overwhelmed when it worked in a furniture-intensive space, stuck between the dining table and the dining chair, or lost its way under the table for more than a dozen minutes. Now some floor sweeping robot enterprises have applied advanced technology to the cleaning function to realize the intelligent rescue of floor sweeping robot and to monitor the surrounding environment intelligently so as to achieve better cleaning effect.

Cleaning effect

Advantages: better cleaning of floorboard dust, for hair and small scraps of garbage, floor cleaning robot.It can be cleaned easily.

Disadvantages: for the thicker dust layer effect is unsatisfactory, and for larger pieces of paper, will be stuck in the robot garbage collection channels, must be manually removed.

Obstacle avoidance function

Advantages: No manual operation, can automatically avoid obstacles for cleaning, can easily avoid walls, furniture and other large obstacles, basically no collision.

Disadvantages: some floor sweeping robots on the market for table legs, furniture legs, water bottles and other targets of smaller obstacles, or relatively easy to hit, and can not avoid the power line in the room.

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