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Floor Sweeping Robot Ultrasonic FS-031C

Floor Sweeping Robot Ultrasonic FS-031C

ONST-E is a high-tech company engaged in R&D, production, sales of small household appliances, Vacuum cleaner and Ultrasonic cleaner.ONSTe stands in the service world and adheres to the business philosophy of “brand, integrity, and innovation”. At present, ONSTe series products are mainly sold in Japan, the United States and other European and American countries; ONST-E is committed to the pursuit of a win-win situation and adopts a variety of flexible cooperation methods; at the same time, it cooperates with a number of internationally renowned companies in the form of OEM/ODM cooperation and annual export value. More than 10 million. We take quality as our life, innovation as the direction, constantly launch new products, seize the trend of the market, bring you opportunities, and be your strong backing!

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Floor sweeping robot ultrasonic



Ultrasonic return device for floor sweeping Robot

The utility model provides an ultrasonic return device for a floor sweeping robot, which comprises a power supply, a control circuit board, a driving mechanism for controlling the operation of the sweeping robot, an ultrasonic generator and an ultrasonic receiver, and the power supply. The control circuit board and the driving mechanism are all arranged in the body of the floor sweeping robot, the ultrasonic generator is arranged on the automatic charging seat, and the ultrasonic receiver is more than three and is distributed on the body of the floor sweeping robot. The ultrasonic return device of the floor sweeping robot provided by the utility model can realize the automatic return of the floor sweeping robot and the automatic charging seat across the room and obstacles, and can realize accurate sound source location and return. The accuracy of the position is high.



1.The Robot组成.jpg

2.Recharge Manual

3.User Manual

4.Remote Control

5.Virtual Wall



8.Spare Parts Box

9.Cleaning Brush

10.Hair Removal Tool

11.Optional - Wet Mopping Base

Robotic Features:

1.Scheduler/Recharging Home Base-Auto cleaning with scheduler & auto recharge when low on battery.

2.Ultrasonic Obstacle Detection

3.Collision Obstacle Detection

4.Anti-falling Sensors

5.Ultrasonic Dust Sensors-When dirty area is detected, perform detail cleaning with spiral mode

6.Ultrasonic Virtual Wall-When needed, use virtual wall to limit the vacuum machine’s path



Cleaning Features:

1.Side Brushes and Focused Suction Inlet - Powerful suction and full coverage of cleaning

2.Floating Roller Brush - Allow the roller brush and suction to stay close to the ground, covers all the dead spot while remain full suction power

3.Debris Filter & HEPA Filter - Debris filter holds normal debris and extends HEPA filter life span. High efficiency particulate air filter traps the fine particles which trigger allergy and asthma symptoms

4.Mop Track - Fully use every part of the mop instead of just the edge of the mop

5.UV Light - Exterminate bacteria and mites

6.Wet Mopping Base - Wet mop with mop track and reservoir first then dry mop








1.Do not look directly into the UV light and not touch the UV light bulb with bare hands or any sharp or conductive tools.

2.The UV light is a permanent fixture. Do not attempt to remove or replace the UV light. This replacement can only be performed by professional personnel authorized by the manufacturer.

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